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How to Fill Up a Sketchbook

September 2nd, 2013 by

Let me first say that this is a new experience for me. This is the absolute first time that I’ve ever filled a sketchbook up on purpose.

I’ve been doodling in this sketchbook since 2010. Some people fill up a sketchbook a month and I find that super impressive. I’ve been terrible with my drawing habit, but finishing this one Moleskine was oddly easy. Doodles. Driving directions. Convention & inventory notes. All kinds of random sketches and notes. Anything and everything went into filling up Mitch’s Sushi and I will feel awkward not carrying it around with me. Perhaps that is only because Mitch’s successor has yet to be named.

It took over 3 years, but I’m pleased with the results. There are comic notes in there and a bunch of ridiculous stick figure comics that people(and I) have enjoyed. Following this is a brief gallery of some of my favorite pages. There’s sketches of Doctor Who, Misfits, random ¬†garbage and many, many stick figures. I really like that skull-faced lady with the grocery bags, too. Not sure what to do with her yet, but she’s interesting to draw.

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