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Hand Lettering

January 9th, 2012 by

Here’s a big close-up of the hand lettering that I did for Thursday’s Illustrated Thesaurus. I still have lots of practicing to do on the hand lettering, or traditional way of doing it, but I really enjoy it. The slant is still all over the place and I haven’t played with big bold letters enough, which shows. However, digital lettering is equally as fun, but in a completely different way. I love being able to throw down all the word bubbles and rearrange them at will, if needed, while selecting just the right font. I couldn’t pick which way is may favorite at this point in time, but it sure is nice to have a physical piece of artwork with the complete comic and word bubbles on it.

If you haven’t checked, I ported everything over to ComicPress on the Illustrated Thesaurus site and even found a ‘related posts by tags’ widget plugin. That’s what I really wanted! That way, when a word like abnormal comes up, you can see links directly to any related or synonymous words like aberrant! I’m so excited. It only took 6+ years for that idea to finally realize, as it was not obtainable using the old comic system I was using. Once there’s a few hundred words on there, that feature will really come into play.

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