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AIR #54 – The Prophesy

June 3rd, 2007 by

Here is the firstest comic made entirely on paper, then scanned into Manga Studio and fooled with, then exported into Photoshop CS2, turned into CMYK, then exported as a .gif for your viewing pleasure. I will do the background tomorrow when hiking is completed. I used different line tones on this one than the other one I practiced on in the previous post. I like it a little better when you can actually see the dots. Also, the preview image below has the best hand I think I’ve drawn to date. Always improving!
Enjoy, and as always, comment away.

air54 preview

3 Responses to “AIR #54 – The Prophesy”

  1. danny Says:

    LOVE IT!!
    this book is awesome.

  2. dafe Says:

    the Kuss Tome Airs sound like minions of cthulhu. I hope I never see a Kuss Tome Air again.

  3. PeZ Says:

    what?!?! I’ve seen you draw better hands on stick figures you washed up-…aah I go nothin’…

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