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AIR #52 Redux

June 10th, 2007 by

Alright. Who knows how this is gonna work out in the future, but here’s a comic I added a few tones to and changed the way the mall employees’ outfits look. You can see how it looked originally below. I fixed the hell out of it with some fancy lamp posts and darkening up the parking lot asphalt. That stuff is usually black. I finally got the EX version of the ol’ Manga Studio, made some lamp posts in Blender and imported them. Made some much better parking lot spaces with the perspective tool and uploaded it to replace the original. The perspective tool is amazing. That alone is worth the extra money from the Debut version. I’m happier with the way it looks and I’m gonna do it with the other ones. Let me know what you thinks.

The original:

air 52 original

The new one is on the comic page:

Brian leads the way again

One Response to “AIR #52 Redux”

  1. PeZ Says:

    there we go. Now you look more like an artist and less like a lap-dance.


    Now you look more like an artist and less like-

    … a twenty-eight dollar whore.

    …a muppet trying to hump a door knob.

    …a pair of soiled underpants.

    …a pair of soiled man-underpants.

    …dog vomit on paper.

    …a Vietnamese chicken getting ready to have it’s feathers plucked to be dropped into a pot of boiling water as soon as it’s head is chopped of after waking up from a wet dream involving a monkey, a uniformed officer, three Siamese-twin cousin midgets, and a bucket of paint.

    …a RMCAD graduate.

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