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I hope this entertains you

December 16th, 2006 by

…because I need your validation. Without it, how am I to measure my intorwub popularity? HOW?! I have more sketches for you and they’re sensational, I say, SENSATIONAL! You’ll enjoy them or you’ll get nothin’ for christmas.


I’m thinking you should maybe have some explanations for once and to be enlightened perhaps? My train ride lasts all of 10 minutes if it is slow. That’s not a lot of time unless you are
comic. I am having trouble coming up with a good design and if you have any ideas I’d welcome some help as I am lousy at designing new characters. Image 3 is from the next, next, next comic, which should be good. If i can finish the one sitting on my drawing table right now. And the guy, the yelling one? I was sitting on a bench at the end of the work day, next to the highway, with my noise-cancelling earbuds in and listening to music, 15 feet away from this guy, and I could STILL HEAR HIM. Yelling into his little blue-tooth headset. Amazing.


These sketches are for comics numbered 52 and 53. Aaoogh god, I’m only at number 50 and I’ve been drawing since the dawn of time? You people need to get on my case because I am a lazy bitch. You can pretend those sketches of the next comics are the real thing when you are home and crying.

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