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AIR #51 – not colored

December 29th, 2006 by

Hello my 7 fans. I have a comic for you. And if all goes well you’ll get another this weekend. Danny and I have decided that I should just draw them all and then color them at the end. Mysterious things will happen soon! Enjoy!

adventures in retail - with swords

9 Responses to “AIR #51 – not colored”

  1. Evan Says:

    Excellent! Gotta love the expression on Jonn’s face. I demand more!

  2. Ajay Says:

    I’m pretty sure this one has some of my best drawings to date. Still room for improvement, though!

  3. Jons kid brother Says:

    maybe if you did MORE and did em FASTER you’d improve SOONER!

    But dont mind me.

  4. Chris Icon Says:

    Diggin’ it! keep that shit up!

  5. Evan Says:

    WTF! Where’s my new comics?! This one was almost two weeks ago or something! Gawd!

  6. Jons kid brother Says:

    If ya want Evan… I can hit Stew in the knee with a baseball bat when he is unawarers…. That’ll motivate him!

  7. Evan Says:

    I’m not sure if that would motivate him, but it might be funny.

  8. Jons kid brother Says:

    If it didnt motivate him he’d be crippled for a while and sitting at home. All he’d be able to do is draw comics!

  9. Travis Pehnke Says:

    I agree with Evan more!

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