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Runner up numero 1!

August 19th, 2006 by

This was so hard to decide I almost didn’t. This was almost the perfect entry. Being mean to small children is always funny. As is the idea that the kid died being sad. The only problem I had with this entry was that it was too wordy. If I had drawn it bigger in the first place, the words would fit and this would win.

You get a prize, but not the grand prize, Chris Miller. Name it and it is yours.
better lettering

2 Responses to “Runner up numero 1!”

  1. Jons Kid Brother Says:

    k, so second and third runner ups both involve little girl being berated for going to van hoiser for monkey sitting/first aid.

    First Runner up and Grand prize both invovle her being dead in the end.

    Conclusion: AJ likes little girls that are dead. Pedonecropheliac.

  2. Chris Icon Says:

    I’m happy just as long as I have a number one somewhere in my title.

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