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Forgotten Dialogue CONTEST

July 18th, 2006 by

I probably spelled that word incorrectly, but screw it, I am going to have a contest! I sketched a comic out a long time ago and then i lost it. Now i have found it but I can’t for the life of me remember what the words were and only vaguely remember what the punchline was supposed to be about.

My part: I am going to finish the comic up to a point. Now comes your part.

Your part: All six of my readers will have the chance to write the dialogue and end the comic with a funny joke. You can work together if you like and email me with any questions about character attitudes and what-not; I’ll be happy just for the human contact. Now comes my part again:

More work on my part: If your words are funny I’ll put them into the comic and post it on the site. I will then send the winner the original artwork as a consolation prize for doing half of my job for me.

Really, I can only remember that it had something to do with gift receipts and that Stew said mean things and made the girl cry. It can be anything that fits the pictures without being overly disgusting and fits the charaters. It must be awesome and make me laugh.

Here is a preview of what I had and what I was thinking. Kinda. I will post a better version for you to look at and what-not soon.

contest sketch

Email me your submissions with the subject Forgotten Contest or something like that to aj(dot)stewped(at)gmail(dot)com .

** Edit: This will run for a while. Until I get a really great entry or I just don’t get anymore submissions.

10 Responses to “Forgotten Dialogue CONTEST”

  1. Chris Icon Says:

    Here’s my submission. It my be a little controversial, but they say go with your first instincts.

    *** Editted by AJ so the rest of you can’t cheat  ***

  2. Chris Icon Says:

    After reading what I wrote… I give myself a gold star.

    *I recieved 1 gold star*
    *I can now buy the voltinator*
    *1 voltinator purchased*
    *you lost 1 gold star*

    Now I’m ready to fight the Robot Boss.

  3. Ajay Says:

    Oh man, that is exactly why I like you. That is so bad, it hurts till I laugh.

  4. B Strong Says:


  5. Vern G Says:

    I want to play! Too
    ** Edited so only the webmaster can see it.


    This is the order I don know how you do it
    Think visually!

  6. Vern G Says:

    It made me laugh but maybe just maybe thats cuz im dumb!

  7. Vern G Says:

    and i ment were

  8. Evan Says:

    I submitted mine the other day. Regardless of the outcome, I hope that our illustrious host sees fit to publish all the submissions. I caught a glimpse of Chris’s when he posted it here, but not Vern’s. I’m curious to see what everyone else came up with.

  9. Ajay Says:

    I will show them all when I pick a winner.  Or, should I go ahead and make some mock-ups with the entries?  Then you can see what the competition is?  I don\’t know!

    I am almost done inking it so you will be able to see the artwork.

  10. Jons Kid Brother Says:

    I sent my entry in AJ. I think it’d be a cool idea to show mock up’s with the other entries before or after it’s all done.

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