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The General Manager

June 1st, 2007 by

Oooh, spooooky! In my experience, the higher up someone is in managing a retail store, the less actual work they do. They walk around with their blackberry, sending emails to other higher-ups boasting about what trivial actions they forced the peons to do that day.

gm01 gm02 gm03

I’m not sure when I did these sketches, but I like the way he looks. Like a dick. Short-sleeved dress shirt with a tie. Tall. Khakis. *shudder* He’ll always have his blackberry thing with him and always be looking at it. Never making contact with the people that are doing the actual work. He wants you to do all this work, but he doesn’t respect you enough to even make eye contact! Wow, your job sucks.

In the first and third pages there you can see prelim sketches of comics that will appear in the future! Obviously, one is AIR #57, the other is AIR #54 which I have half inked on my drawing table. I’ve redrawn all but 2 panels so far. It has a really great hand in panel 4 though.

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  1. PeZ Says:

    I like how it says “extra jerk” in the middle one

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