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Hand practice!

June 4th, 2007 by

Here are a whole bunch of hands. I have a book of hands by Bridgman that is just great. I brought it to work and drew from it trying to figure out why the hands looked the way they do. Then I tried to draw hands on my own. If you look at the hands from comic #48 on through the current comic, #54, you can see how much I’ve improved from the practice and studying. Here are a bunch of my practice slash study pages.

In the first page you can see a better sketch of the layout for comic #54, which turned out better than I expected. It took quite a while to get them tones to look the way they do, which is minimal, but decent. I’m not sure who all those sketches are of in the last 2 pages, other than the girl employee. I did a whole bunch of stuff at work today that I will scan in tomorrow, including the Kuss-tome-airs, and some sad looking fat guy with skinny legs what resembles a woman at work. EWW!

hands and layout for 54 hands and girl sketch hands 03 hands 04 hands 05

hands 06 hands 07 plus employee girl

2 Responses to “Hand practice!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hey, that probably more hands then I have ever drawn in my life. Good job! Now, kill others with your elite skill!

  2. PeZ Says:

    you know what’s crazy? Those hands look like Bridgman hands drawn by Ajay…wow that sounded stupid. But seriously, they look cool because they don’t look like reproductions of the hands, they look like studies. Now, I don’t get why it is that you struggle so much when you can draw so nicely from reference. Use your own hands as reference when you draw! Get a little mirror to look at different angles for God’s sake! …you bastard.

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