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Nudge me…

February 10th, 2007 by

If you can figure it out, I encourage it.  Nudge me.  Supposedly, if you sign up I guess, you can say, “Get to damn work entertaining me!”  I haven’t figured it out yet, because I don’t have any real friends on there.  Evan? Danny? Jon and his kid brother?  I bet you’ll get kicks out of telling me to draw more.  And if I know you’re out there, watching me.  Judging me.  I would feel more guilty and draw more.  I saw this from Girls with Slingshots, who found out about it from Kurtz. 

I can update it from my phone too! 


February 7th, 2007 by

Howdy, my 7 fans!
I have been working on several things at once and trying to get some sleep so that I might not fall asleep at work as soon as I get there. While I’m actually working.

My birthday was a few days ago, the 27th of January, if you are curious. Had some drinks, had some folks over. Got the first few issues of Invincible, which I heard about from Scott Kurtz on his podcast, and I’ve read the first 3 volumes at least 3 times each. It is a super hero comic that absolutely rocks. I’ve never read many super hero comics, but this one is amazing. Check it out.

I want to thank my brother- and sister-in-law for the gift certificate. I bought these fantastic books with it. If you can’t see, it is 3 Bridgman books and 2 Hogarth books. Super helpful already. Thanks, Sarah and Eric!

As to the next comics, I have pictures of what I have done and my good friend Chris Miller, some kind of robotic DJ man, is going to be helping writing the AiRoad comics! He is awesome at it and the ones he fixed up are way better than what I had. Here is some pics of AiR #52. As you can see, I skip around a lot. It is only taking about 2 weeks per page! I have to bake a cake for work tomarrow, but I will do what I can to work in this.

air 52

air 52 cu

The customer is always wrong

January 19th, 2007 by

As you may know, I once spent a horrible period of my life working retail. If you’ve ever gone shopping and were treated poorly by the employees, I can tell you why that happened. There are only 2(two) reasons why. Either a) the employee is just a jerk or b) you are a jerk. Although, given enough time, enough of b) happens that most employees become a).

Here’s an example. I have in my well-manicured hands a letter that I borrowed from work. Take a peek. I’ll wait.

customer's letter

Did you count those grammar and spelling errors? Go back if you didn’t. I’m no English teacher, but I can spell retarded, and it starts with Customer.

When little (needs stretchy pants “little”) Jim came into the store, I had been there for about 7 months. In that time, I had never heard of 2-Pocket shirts because my store had never had them while I was employed there. According to the boss, she hadn’t had them in for at least 2 years prior. Now, I wasn’t at work the day this man came in, but I wish I was. Oh to see him attempt to make the little Assistant Manager(who actually is very tiny) manifest these shirts out of thin air with just the power of his undoubtedly fat, angry mouth.


Oh nooos!

December 18th, 2006 by

Some photoshopping for you!


December 9th, 2006 by

Of the many reasons that I haven’t drawn anything for a while is this dog. It’s constantly being cute and I just can’t resist her mind control. She’s a pure-bred Pomeranian named Monstro.



Out of town

September 20th, 2006 by

Going to vegas for the weekend.

Forgotten Contest Winner!

August 19th, 2006 by

Here is the winner! Evan Sheehan of Some Hippy Town, USA. I laughed so hard at the first line. And then I laughed even harder when Stew just ignores what the girl says and assumes she’s an orphan. That is my favorite part. And the fact that she even goes along with him without fighting? She deserves to die!
Evan wins the coveted line-art with his terribly mean entry. Enjoy! I had loads of fun lettering the entries. All 4 of them.

evan is funny

Stand up groom

August 6th, 2006 by

My wife just found this picture of me at our wedding. It has been almost a year and we still haven’t made our photo scrap book, ha! Anyway, I’m not sure what I was saying here, but some lucky photo-grapher captured me as if I were Jerry Seinfeld. I thought it was funny enough to share with you all.

And congrats to nate for just getting married!

what was i doing

Not quite dead

July 16th, 2006 by

I’m not dead. I’m drawing right now. I have been busy fighting the undead and feeding the homeless to the hungry. Also, in regards to a drawing of a cow I have been requested to draw, I have been out looking at them so as to draw it better. Page 2 of the Gatorchuting comic is in progress.

It is nice to feel wanted and loved, if only for my comicals.