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Life is Pain Indiegogo is Live

April 22nd, 2013 by

In all the posts prior to this, I mentioned working on a Kickstarter project. Well, for unexplained reasons on Kickstarter’s part, I had to switch to Indiegogo.

We’re sitting at a cool $200 towards the goal of $1800 currently, so if you could pitch in or spread the word I would greatly appreciate it!

On Pens & Sketchbooks

March 4th, 2013 by


I don’t know about you, but I like to have a dedicated Sketchbook Pen when messing around in my smaller, everyday sketchbooks. Long ago, there was a Uniball pen that made some really great doodles.

Now, I’ve been terrible at filling sketchbooks. On the right you can see Mitch’s Sushi, my current Moleskine. Yes, I named it. I show it there as it’s maybe three-fifths of the way full. It wasn’t until I came across Gary Panter’s drawing tips that I finally started carrying it with me everywhere. That article is probably 50% of how I got into a better sketchbook habit.

Before reading that, I had wanted to have a full sketchbook. After (more…)

Amazing Geeky Fingerless Gloves

June 29th, 2012 by

It turns out my friend Steph makes the most amazing  fingerless gloves if you happen to enjoy comics, Doctor Who, Domo-kun, or video games. These two pairs arrived in the mail just yesterday, as I bought them for the wife’s birthday presents. If you look close, you can see the Doctor Hoo shirt that she’s wearing, her other birthday present. Never have I been so excited for knitting.

In other news, I have so many cool comics and tutorials I can’t wait to make and share with you all! Plus there’s this stopmotion project I’m working on… So busy!

Be careful with your nibs

April 16th, 2012 by

Around seven years ago I was inking a comic with nib and ink while simultaneously screwing around on the interweb. Probably g-chatting with someone. I’ve since stopped doing that. I had been putting the nib holder into my mouth to chat, like holding a cigarette between my teeth, then grabbing the holder and going back to work.

Eventually I got into a bit of a hurry and moved to grab the holder out of my mouth too quickly. The ink on the nib was still wet and the nib went straight into my thumb.

Some of these nibs are a lot sharper than they look and, much like a tattoo, it bled quite a bit. However, once the scab cleared up this little black dot was left under my skin.

Any time I’m writing or drawing I see this dot and think of all the fun I used to have when drawing. Need to get that feeling back.

Email and Ants

March 13th, 2012 by

How long have I had this silly website? Since high school? I’m thinking ’98 or ’99. It only took a decade-plus, but I finally set up an email address: aj(at)stewped(dot)com
I am so excited.

On Friday I made an ass of myself and spilled crumbs all over the floor of my office. There isn’t a working vacuum at work, so I swept up as best as I could. I couldn’t get all of the crumbs, but knowing there are ants in walls I let Nature take its course.

Look at all the crumbs I spilled

So many crumbs

Here they come to clean it up

They so hungry

When I arrived on Monday, the my new servants had moved ALL of the crumbs against this spot on the wall. Note how they also collected the little punch holes from a paper hole-punch that were also on the floor.

Here they've piled the crumbs in a corner

Art Desk

February 6th, 2012 by

where the magic happens to make you throw up

I worked my little butt off on a thesaurus entry tonight, but it was just taking much too long and I can’t stay up any later. In lieu of a comic, I hope you can be satisfied with a picture of my art table. And the awesome lamp that I made. On the wall there are printouts of the Comic Strip Artist’s Kit.

On the table you can see the finished artwork for About.

Test post

October 6th, 2011 by

I like the new TMBG album Join Us.

It is enjoyable.

Check Register

September 27th, 2011 by

In America you, if you want to live in something that doesn’t have people above or below you, but possibly next to you, you have to pay an exorbitant fee for the privilege to waste an obscene amount of water keeping grass green. Grass that you don’t even need. If you don’t keep your grass green or if you don’t pay your exorbitant fee each month(or year), you can be fined another exorbitant fee. Also, you might even have your house taken away from you. Which you paid for.

America is awesome.

So I scanned my checkbook register for you. The Exorbitant Fee is highlighted for you viewing pleasure. As is my thoughts on said fee.

hoa fees and their horseshit

Sketchbook Pro brush problem

August 27th, 2011 by

I’m having a sketchbook pro 2011 problem.

Either a) I don’t understand what I’m doing; or b) the program doesn’t behave the way I expect it to behave. Possibly c) all of the above.
Hitting ‘save’ after making a custom brush doesn’t seem to actually save the brush. It just closes the brush properties window. The same as if I clicked the X in the top right corner of the window. Is that all it does? I was hoping it would save my brush, so that if I messed with it later I couldreset it by clicking the reset button and go back to the settings I previously saved.

It does not behave that way. The image I’ve attached is screenshots of the actual brush properties window and the exact order I’ve been doing those steps in.

What am I doing wrong?