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Life is Pain – Face Sawing WIP

October 14th, 2012 by

Here’s a work in progress I just unearthed. Not sure when it was begun, but it has been sitting in creation limbo for far too long.

Now, I am way out of practice, but it looks pretty cool so far. I like a lot of the action and follow-through. There’s one thing I want to tweak on the saw’s push(drop the handle down a bit), but I’d like to hear what any animators who read this think.

Feel free to download the GIF and do a draw-over if you have the urge.


Here’s the animation after a bit of inbetweening and tweaking. I’m really enjoying how the saw bends when catching on the meat during the push-stroke.


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Strong Female Vloggers

February 11th, 2012 by

I’ve wanted to do this for so long! “This” being to make an animated GIF file of the JPEGs that Manga Studio spits out when you save your document. I just take that JPEG file and add a number to the end of it after specific saves. Then, when you save it again it creates a new JPEG. So I saved 9 of them over the course of drawing this comic and put them all together in flash with a little title image with the site’s logo. Pretty exciting for me, I hope you enjoy it.

strong female vlogger comic process

I probably should have put my thoughts on the subject of these types of ladies on this site, rather than the comic site, so the comic can speak for itself. It’s fairly ham-fisted, but I’m okay with that as these types of videos are kind of ham-chested.

Rainy Day

July 18th, 2009 by

Rainy Day from Stew Ped on Vimeo.

I made this a long, long time ago in a school far, far away. Really, it’s like 40 miles. That’s pretty far. Especially if you have to walk. Never really thought about putting anywhere for anyone to view it until now… Shoulda done it a long time ago. Especially with the youtubes and all.

life is pain – hammers

June 10th, 2009 by

life is pain with hammerlife is pain eyepoke

I made an avatar for you. Also above is the original “life is pain” avatar. You can use ’em if you have a place where they still let you use animated gif files as avatars. Download them and put them on your own server, though. And be sure to tell folks where you got ’em.

Below is the animation larger. I think I may go in and thicken up the lines as it loses some weight when it’s shrunk down. Animators: anything I can improve? I will do some more work on it. Animating that guy reacting to the hammer blow was tough, but I will keep at it to make it the best guy-getting-hit-with-a-hammer animation it can be.

On a related note: a life is pain-related post.

On another related note: do you want an Eye Poke t-shirt? I got some gal to model it for me:

Some hammering

May 16th, 2009 by

Here’s some hammering. Haven’t done the arms part yet. Animators: how does it look. Might get rid of a couple frames at the top, after the upswing. Just one or two to speed it up. Almost too slow…

I haven’t done this in forever and I need your input.

Here is an updated version, but I’m putting it behind a cut if I can figure that out… (more…)

life is pain – thieves

April 20th, 2008 by

First, remember this? I did it a long time ago, sometime in 2003. Very few people know that I created the life is pain animation that loads of folks use for their avatars.

As I was browsing through an issue of Game Informer magazine, I happened across an advertisement for that junk you can download for your phone. You know, they charge you to text some number and they’ll send you a wallpaper or screen saver or a joke. I usually pass over this stuff, but I just happened to look at the bottom right of the page.

Stolen avatar

What? Jamster stole my art? Jamster stole my life is pain animation! They barely even tried to make it something else. How blatant can you be? Look, I even found it on their page. Since their page is slow as well, I downloaded it for you. I’ll even put mine next to it.

Stolen animation made crappy

It’s blue and only slightly different from mine. The animation is crappy, it’s blue, and the L is capitalized. Wows.  It’s okay that it says “preview” on there, because you know what?  Mine is better animated and not stolen!  Holy shit!  I can make you a black one with electric-blue guys on it.  Real easy too!  Just ask.


I’ve put this image on a shirt before anyone else tries to steal it from me. It’s just a men’s style shirt, but it looks good on ladies, too, as seen below. Click on through consider supporting me with a shirt purchase!

If you put in the ‘notes’ field that you came from here, I’ll include an original drawing! Mention ‘thieves’ or ‘’ in the NOTES field on the checkout page.

life is pain - now a shirt

Don’t listen the noise

May 19th, 2007 by

Check this out! Ignore the noise for now. I am using a clip from a Thrill Kill Cult song that is a line from the movie Midnight Cowboy to do some dialogue testing. This is just how I’m starting the piece – a big heavy coffee mug.  Animators – give me C&C.

Coffee Mug Test