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Email and Ants

March 13th, 2012 by

How long have I had this silly website? Since¬†high school? I’m thinking ’98 or ’99. It only took a decade-plus, but I finally set up an email address: aj(at)stewped(dot)com
I am so excited.

On Friday I made an ass of myself and spilled crumbs all over the floor of my office. There isn’t a working vacuum at work, so I swept up as best as I could. I couldn’t get all of the crumbs, but knowing there are ants in walls I let Nature take its course.

Look at all the crumbs I spilled

So many crumbs

Here they come to clean it up

They so hungry

When I arrived on Monday, the my new servants had moved ALL of the crumbs against this spot on the wall. Note how they also collected the little punch holes from a paper hole-punch that were also on the floor.

Here they've piled the crumbs in a corner

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