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Fill a sketchbook 01

October 4th, 2011 by

I bought a 24-page sketchbook around the middle of September with the intent of filling the entire thing by the middle of October.

I think the only way to keep myself honest, and actually working on this goal, is to post each page as I complete it. Ideally, I would be posting two pages a day. If I were to fill two pages a day, I would complete this in 24 days. However, I sincerely thought that doing just one side of one page a day would be good.

Then it hit me.

That would make 48 days. Whoops.

So here’s the first couple pages, then I’ll post the rest day by day until I’m caught up and post them each day.

There’s some illustrated thesaurus stuff here, some ‘arry pottuh stuff, and just random craziness. Enjoy.

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