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Check Register

September 27th, 2011 by

In America you, if you want to live in something that doesn’t have people above or below you, but possibly next to you, you have to pay an exorbitant fee for the privilege to waste an obscene amount of water keeping grass green. Grass that you don’t even need. If you don’t keep your grass green or if you don’t pay your exorbitant fee each month(or year), you can be fined another exorbitant fee. Also, you might even have your house taken away from you. Which you paid for.

America is awesome.

So I scanned my checkbook register for you. The Exorbitant Fee is highlighted for you viewing pleasure. As is my thoughts on said fee.

hoa fees and their horseshit

One Response to “Check Register”

  1. cuyler Says:

    HOAs suck an endless stream of donkey balls.

    My favorite is getting fined because Comcast installed my cable using a cable whose color was different than the side of the house. Yeah, because Comcast installation techs have beige co-ax cables in their truck.

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