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Fábrica de Heróis

May 10th, 2008 by

Fábrica de Heróis

Using the little flash app at the bottom of that page, I made Ultra Hitler. I even made him a snazzy logo.

Hitler- faster stronger

Ultra Hitler loves lookin good

After his right hand betrayed him and attempted to shoot him with his own gun, he had it removed and replaced with an atomic-powered hand created by Ernst Heinkel. Heinkel was working on nuclear powered robots when not researching propulsion for the Luftwaffe and Adolf liked where the future was heading. The atomic power source for the hand is contained in the pack on his back, which, through the miracle of radiation, has caused him to retain his youthful good looks and gain immense strength. He’s still a fan of khaki, but can you blame him when it looks so good? We look forward to seeing him fulfill his potential.

4 Responses to “Fábrica de Heróis”

  1. Jon's kid brother Says:

    Is that the dood your paying to go after those thieves whos tole your graphic?

  2. SCRUBY Says:

    Ultra Hitler for President!

  3. Nami Says:


    :: eats fruit::

  4. Jon's kid brother Says:

    Dude, AJ, I was browsin the RP forums I go to, and someone there is using your life is pain avatar o.o


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