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The Jesus

May 9th, 2007 by

I don’t post enough sketches on here, but that’s because I don’t do many worthwhile sketches. I tried sketching some naked girls and they turned out horrible. On the other hand, I finally have a somewhat decent drawing of Jesus for his chronicles. I had another page of sketches but i only took out the 3 that were good. They are the top 3 tinier sketches on the first image. Nothing else on that page was good, so I just cut them out and put ’em on that page down there. The one with the least amount of Jeez-eye. You should be able to see the one I like. I still need to figure out what he should be wearing.

first jesus sketches jesus 02

portrait of a christ

Of course, I’d welcome some constructive criticism, if you have any.

One Response to “The Jesus”

  1. Dafe Says:

    The Jesuss (jesi, jeses, jesuses?) are looking good, evil, emaciated, buff, depending on the drawing. Maybe you could have different jesus action for the occasions. Sometimes Jesus suffers (more than other men) and sometimes he’s tuff (cuz of all the suffering BS)

    Also, we should think about merchandising- there needs to be an action figure jesus, a lunchbox jesus, a birthday cake jesus, etc…

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