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May 16th, 2007 by

Here we go, using this draog like it should be used. Posting sketchies! Here are some practicey drawings of the character Jonn. He has 2 ‘N’s in his name because that is fun.  The problem I have is drawing long hair.  Where does it connect?  How can I keep him looking like a man with it?  I think it’s obvious it’s a drawing of a male character, but you never know.  Also – I like to make things that look like crappy rubber stamps.

jonn sketches

2 Responses to “Sketches!”

  1. PeZ Says:

    So..h’okay…as for the hair, it’s very hard to explain in words. Where does it connect? You have to try and start off with the major sections that ‘connect.’ Jonn seems to have pretty slick hair, so this may a little harder to do major sections…Don’t forget the hair line. It varies with everyone, but it normally is a very subtle ‘widow’s peak.’ Try sketching that in first, then actually drawing the hair in. Check out Michael Turner for reference [he does THE BEST hair EVER!…up yours if you disagree]. As for it looking like a guy, it does.. You do fine on that for the most part. Just keep in mind that even if based on someone in real life, and based on there features, try and keep male jaw-lines on the square side. Keep male features squared/pointed/sharp whereas female features should be rounder [regardless of style..check out Cheeks’ stuff [] for a GREAT example. And finally…KEEP DRAWING YOU LAZY BAG OF…lazy?

  2. Ajay Says:

    Thanks muchacho. I’ve been doing bunches of sketches at work on my lunch break, but of course I still need to do more.

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