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Brian Hefawitz

May 30th, 2007 by

Here are some more sketches. These, in particular, are of Brian Hefawitz. He meets Jonn and Stew when they fall through the hole in the wall and end up in some crazy world with the biggest mall the boys have ever seen. He’s been there a while, it seems, but Danny will correct me if I’m wrong. Brian looks to be in his middle 50s, is losing his hair and has a good paunch going for him… if a big belly can be considered “good.”

Brian and More Brian Hefawitz brian and the boys

The first image there has a couple of things I want to note for you.
A) I don’t know what I was thinking when I drew this guy? Consider it a completely random guy on the road to drawing the GM.
B) A really poor drawing of what is supposed to be the character Evan. Wow.
C) This is Sergei Dmitriov. He is a truck driver in the Roadtripping comic. As soon as Manga Studio arrives I can finish the comic I was working on when the trial ran out and get cracking.
The GM can be seen in the bottom right of the page. I’ll show more of him later.

One Response to “Brian Hefawitz”

  1. Evan Says:

    Yay for bad drawrings of me! You should do lots of ’em! The worse, the better.

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