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Runner up #3 – Chris Read

August 18th, 2006 by

I liked this one because it helped to explain that box of human parts that can be seen in a couple of strips. However, it needed some work. I’ve tweaked the words a little and made changes that I think make the comic a little bit funnier. Below the comic is the original entry. You people tell me what one works better: the one in the comic or the entry.

chris read's entry

Panel 1 –

Jon: Hey Stew, why do we have a box of hands under the counter?
Stew: Funny you should ask….

Panel 2 –

Little Girl: Hey Mistuh, do you gots any band aids?

Panel 3 –

Stew: Bwahuh?

Panel 4 –


Panel 5 –

Stew: Does this piss hole look like a hospital to you, you little hussy!?

Panel 6 –

Stew: We sell clothes and clothing accesorys, take your wounds elsewhere!

Panel 7 –

Little Girl: But it hurts *whimper*

Panel 8 –

Stew: So I cut her hands off with a box cutter and carterized the stumps,
then put the hands in this empty box.

Jon: Makes sense to me.

Runner up #2 coming soon! 

2 Responses to “Runner up #3 – Chris Read”

  1. Jons Kid Brother Says:

    I like your version better. Now where is my prize.

  2. Ajay Says:

    What do ya want?

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