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These are cartoons I’ve made in flash. Each masterpiece is listed here, from bottom to top, in the order I created it. So you should probably watch the bottom ones first. You will need Flash to watch.
There is actually some good stuff in here, I’ll leave you to discover it.
Warning, the bottom one is kinda loud. This was all self taught and I didn’t know what I was doing šŸ˜‰

Snake Attack!
This one is a big file ~8mb. Open it and go make a drink. A short bit about some clueless girl that doesn’t know how to treat animals.
Bouncy Walk
Here is a walk I animated for use in a short film which is not finished yet.
The City
The animation is almost done! Click the baldguy to watch.
Butterknife Fight
This is a quick flash animation done just to experiment with comedic timing.
This short bit was for a film by a student going to CUĀ Boulder. Ā It was then superimposed over live action and the green keyed out. I never got to see the final piece though.
It’s Turbo Time!
This is a random cartoon that I started before I came to artschool and finished after I started art school.
Minimum Wage
This was my first real attempt at animation before IĀ came to school for it. I really just wanted to make a music video.
This was my ACTUAL first attempt at animation. Wow.