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Be careful with your nibs

April 16th, 2012 by

Around seven years ago I was inking a comic with nib and ink while simultaneously screwing around on the interweb. Probably g-chatting with someone. I’ve since stopped doing that. I had been putting the nib holder into my mouth to chat, like holding a cigarette between my teeth, then grabbing the holder and going back to work.

Eventually I got into a bit of a hurry and moved to grab the holder out of my mouth too quickly. The ink on the nib was still wet and the nib went straight into my thumb.

Some of these nibs are a lot sharper than they look and, much like a tattoo, it bled quite a bit. However, once the scab cleared up this little black dot was left under my skin.

Any time I’m writing or drawing I see this dot and think of all the fun I used to have when drawing. Need to get that feeling back.

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