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Forgotten Contest Winner!

August 19th, 2006 by

Here is the winner! Evan Sheehan of Some Hippy Town, USA. I laughed so hard at the first line. And then I laughed even harder when Stew just ignores what the girl says and assumes she’s an orphan. That is my favorite part. And the fact that she even goes along with him without fighting? She deserves to die!
Evan wins the coveted line-art with his terribly mean entry. Enjoy! I had loads of fun lettering the entries. All 4 of them.

evan is funny

2 Responses to “Forgotten Contest Winner!”

  1. A Bard’s Chronicles » In case you hadn’t heard Says:

    […] I am totally sweet. […]

  2. Jons Kid Brother Says:

    All hail Evan! To bad he’s the one who gets shoved in a trunk and have bunny’s thrown at his head.

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