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July 11th, 2006 by

Oh man do I need me some new webcomics. Hook me up, won’t you?

5 Responses to “Bored”

  1. Haley Says:

    Evan is right! He’s been getting hit in the face with that bunny for 9 months now. Poor Evan.

  2. VernG Says:

    No… I think AJ is dead… or on the run for murder (he hates smelly foreigners), so I don’t think he has much time to make any “webbi comics”(im not to sure how he spells that) for a while! Don’t worry though once he is caught and imprisoned he will have all the time in the world to entertain us; or again as I said earlier he just might be dead!

  3. Evan Says:

    Being dead is no excuse for leaving me bored!

  4. Haley Says:

    Well, Saturday makes a month since the last time he posted, so I say if there’s no update by then, we go to his house. With torches. And pitchforks.

  5. Vern G. Says:

    With his willing non-updaterness and lack of current digitally imaginative material, it is my opinion that Allen Joe Young (it’s like the monkey) has failed to fill all of the requirements as current Creative CEO of and should report to the “Bored” immediately. The lack of webby-comic updates and the seeming absence of the current magistrate give undisputed grounds for a total corporate Takeover. (FYI: Torches and pitchforks are welcome and encouraged though business formal attire is required). After a total sesure by high ranking “Bored Members”, The helm should be transferred to a competent go-getter with drive, natural professional updater abilities and a willingness to devote ALL of his** time and energy to the noble task of keeping devoted clients, stock-holders, family and friends thoughrally boredom free!

    I submit this request for change with a heavy heart; AJ has been a close friend and confidant for many years yet I am unable to overlook the current string of events. This is a call for immediate action and at this moment I formally encourage the “Bored” to proceed in a mutinous fashion.

    Vern G.
    Current 2am Bored Member and regular.
    Long Beach, CA 90805

    **I say HIS cuz girls are stupid and belong in the home making babies not in the cutthroat world of Nationally Integrated Graphic Artisans, Digital Imagination & Comic-webbing Kinetic Systems (nigaDICKS)

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