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Yup, yup more backing from a fellow waminator…

June 6th, 2006 by

I also went out to see dreamworks latest attempt at animation. Heck, I liked it enough to see it twice! I myself like to give into a common belief by others that I model and not so much animate, but I really picked up on what Ajay is saying. The humans were overzealous to the point of abnoxious over-activity. The land lady toting her vile cell phone and driving her gigantor SUV made more sense than her walk cycle. Which incidentally looks like she goes home to sit on a parking cone for hours on end before going outside. However to counter the crappy animation she is seized by, they animated “hammy” (a small squirrel which plays a huge part in the movie) to near cartoon perfection. Oh well the rest of the movie really kicked butt and may make its way into my shelves once it releases (or should i say hard drive). As an added plus I bring you…. More color study!!! This time I have created a few roughs of other kinds of guards. For some reason they draw themselves….


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