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Gatorchuting page 1

June 8th, 2006 by

Alrighty, I hope you enjoy this here comic as much as I hope you do. I know my human anatomy is awful, so you don’t have to ridicule that, but if you want to, go ahead.


Gatorchuting pg 2 Finally Finished

6 Responses to “Gatorchuting page 1”

  1. A Bard’s Chronicles » Says:

    […] gatorchuting […]

  2. Evan Says:

    I just want to say: you are my hero. This is the best idea evar! *swoon*


    WOW that Is AWESOME!

    Hidden inside the chute should be Africanized bees (Yo Yo I’m a mutha fugin Bee Yo……BUZZZizzel Bitch) that swarm and sting him mercilessly; after he valiantly retrieves and opens the chute! An anaphylactic(ly) swollen and nearly dead man gracefully floats to the earth with a satisfied puckered grin………. Then suddenly a giant thud as the gator crumples into a wet mass of flesh, ligature and bone!

    I don’t know how the dude in the parachute beat the gator to the floor but it would be funny!

    Oh yeah why the green plane stripe then the red one?

  4. swollen knee no pain Says:

    swollen knee no pain…

    I never thought about this ….

  5. Vern G. Says:

    oh never mind its not the same plane. I a rerard sorry!

  6. » Gatorchuting pg 2 Finally Finished Says:

    […] Gatorchuting page 1 […]

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