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May 4th, 2006 by

Aw hell yes. Evan took some pictures of my grad show. I had some animation circled by a fence so it looked like he was walking behind a fence forever. Also printed out some of my thesaurus entries.

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  1. Freehand Says:

    My name is Ricky – Pascal from soutrh africa, im a illustrator and graphic designer, so im learning flash those days i mean im teaching myself, i know it not easy, i always dream one day to animate my drawings, now i start seeing slowly slowly im getting there, so i saw your email in one of the link in the web site called ”” maybe you gonna ask yourself many question how i get that email, i saw your demonstration if i can call it like that or tutorial about animataing a walking character, it was very interresting for me, because i can animate anything but animating a character walking it a lot of job, so i wanna ask u i know u got more experience on flash if there is way to merge keyframes as one layer but keeping the same motion u did, because i wanna use one technic for animating a character walking, i wanna animate it in the same place, but with the differents motions and give it a tween motion from the start to the end, i dont know if it possible to do it on flash, because i work also on premiere pro, those kind of animation, i think u can have an idea about it, plz dont hesitate to show me if u know because it the only thing which blocks me, i animating a cartoon so just for walking i can, because it alot of job, but with the technics i wanna use i think it can make the job less, i saw someone was doing it in internet but he did not show everything.
    thanks for having time to read my email, i will like really to read from you too.
    – Ricky-

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