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Over the Hedge

May 26th, 2006 by

Just got back from seeing Dreamworks’ newest cartoonimation and it was slightly better than I expected. I mean, I’m no movie critic, but I listened to critiques in school and payed attention to what the teachers and other kids had to say. Over the Hedge had many good points and it also had all the crap that drives me nuts about DreamWorks’ movies. Stuff like big name actors to “sell” the film to the rubes, pop songs driving the story, and way too many jokes that were timed poorly or just not funny make a film less enjoyable to me. Maybe I’ve gone mad, but I like to laugh out loud at funny stuff.

The textures in CG films are getting more and more amazing.  That’s helped along by the lighting crew and both are just fantastic.  The leaves on the hedge, the fur, the tortoise.  Oh, man, that tortoise skin and shell looked so there. 

The animation was solid on all the little critters, but to me, it was too snappy, too cartoony on the humans.  Every animal has its own unique walk that really fit the character, which is to be expected from a big production house like DW.  My fave was Verne’s, the reptile.  It looked like it was so hard for him to get anywhere with his waddley, stumpy legs.

Avril Lavigne’s character was true to her real-life looks: hideous.

Once the exterminator showed up the film really started to get fun and funny.  The timing was better on the jokes, both visual and audible.  Plus, there were some really good takes on some cliches that I saw coming and still laughed hard at.  The lesson at the end was only thrown in your face minimally.  Nothing ruins a movie more for me than when they keep telling you the moral.  As if we’ve never seen an after school special on not hitting grandma.  Over the Hedge is worth it if you’re an animation fan or if someone else is paying.  I was a fan of the comic strip when I received the paper, but there’s a reason why the phrase is “based upon such-and-such” and not “the same stuff you remember made better.”

Taco dueling

May 20th, 2006 by

I had a dream a long time ago involving gun fights in the old west, only that before you could pull your gun you had to completely chew and swallow a taco. In the dream I was totally kicking ass, that is, until some guy started cheating. Then I had to rescue cute, female museum workers, but that is beside the point.

Here is a very early sketch of a Taco Dueler.

taco stetch


May 19th, 2006 by

well its about time i checked in on the misadventures of stewpeds’ founder. And while i’m at it I can drop off an image I created today. A little color study of some good old disposable soldiers.



May 18th, 2006 by

Isn’t this great? I’ve finally gotten this to look somewhat like my regular site that exists inside. You know, with the art pages and comic pages and whatnot. Took me almost 3 weeks to figure this out but I did it. I win wordpress. I win. Now I can get to drawring.

Looking better

May 9th, 2006 by

How does this look, eh? Eh? Much better than the regular wordpress look. This is taking so long and it is ridiculous to the max just to get this stuff to look decent. My stylesheet is getting so long, but it’s not as long as the default, yet, so that must be good. I’m going to be making this the homepage too, so there will be links to the comics somewhere…

test test test test

Starving, crazed weasels

May 6th, 2006 by

My leg hurts and Nami and Drew seem to have gotten their grades, so I lurched, hunchback of Notre Dame style to the mailbox. Lo and behold, in much the same way a flaming airplane lands, the grades have appeared in my mail-hole. Not male-hole. Bestowed upon me were one “A”, one “B-“, and one “C-“. A 3.0 for the final term, and a 3.255 average for the 4 hellish years spent in Torturous Exile. It looks like the degree will actually arrive now.

Hooray, hooray, here’s a picture of something offensive I drew.


May 4th, 2006 by

Aw hell yes. Evan took some pictures of my grad show. I had some animation circled by a fence so it looked like he was walking behind a fence forever. Also printed out some of my thesaurus entries.

Dylan Returns

May 4th, 2006 by

Just trying out this incarnation of the mighty internet blog. Posting some fairly recent drawings.

Sketch_May_06_001_Dylan Sketch_May_06_002_Dylan Sketch_May_06_003_Dylan

Character Designs

May 3rd, 2006 by

Checky this out. Got some stuff here that I actually had lots of fun drawing. Drawing in FLASH. I’ve only got some backstory worked out so far, but it allows for antics.




Hey stink-people

May 3rd, 2006 by

This is my draw blog, or Draog. I hope i made that name up first, cuz it’s kinda fun. I’ll post stuff here that isn’t my normal comic stuff here. It’ll be awesome I hope. I gotta customize this, but I’m not sure how yet. Gotta go get me some CSS books.